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For some inexplicable reason I didn't save my work on a video and when I went back to the project after losing power during a storm. I received a nice little shock. Vegas had pulled up the restored file BUT what I got was the project file from when I'd initially opened it. All of the work I'd done before the lights went out is gone. 30 seconds worth of clips. *bangs head against desk*

Now I've got to re-create them and remember what the bloody fuck I did with them. At least I'd done a test clip of the completed project to date to gauge how it was looking and what needed to be tweaked. Still.. this is going to be a pain in the butt.

eta:**a short time later**

Turns out it's a bit worse than I thought. Other tweaks (color and differing speeds) I'd done to other clips are back to what they'd been sitting before I'd worked on them.

*bangs head more*
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