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I have a challenge for the writers on my flist

(at least for those that have seen Farscape through season 4)

Spoiler warning for those that haven't seen past 4x07.

I was re-watching John Quixote this morning instead of watching the news while waking up and I got to the scene with the Black Knight. When he opens fire (pun so intended) on John and Chiana and they split apart and their lines at that point got me to thinking.

John: "Whoa! I thought you said this way."
Chiana: "I changed my mind."

AvaStark wanted them to follow the "road" in order to find the princess, yet he blocked the road with the knight. I know this can be seen as natural part of the game because winning challenges are an integral part of any game. BUT my brain is being mischievous and wants to see conspiracies here (in other words: situation normal ;)) and is going one step past the obvious conclusion that AvaStark wanted them to stop following the road and become lost.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Where do you think John and Chiana would have ended up, or rather what new challenges do you think they would have faced if they hadn't found the entrance to the next level of the game after defeating the Black Knight!Rygel? They don't have to necessarily defeat him either. They could choose to find another way around him and discovering too late that the road doesn't continue on the other side of where he's sitting as they thought.

Another part of my little challenge is using all of those other doors. Where do they go? Different levels of the back-door version of the game or could it somehow lead back to the real game (or a twisted version of it)? How can they use them to get themselves back on course and finding the princess in order get back to reality?

Even if you're unsure if there is any feasibility to the challenge, think of it this way. You have within that game so many potential scenarios since it is based upon Stark's memories and he holds within him god knows how many memories of those he passed over to the the other side, but more importantly he also holds Zhaan's and TJohn's (whose influence we can see throughout the episode), and Scorpius/Harvey's (to some extent) memories within him as well.

I really hope someone takes up the challenge because the possibilities are too fun.

If anyone likes, you can also discuss this and aspects of the episode in the comments.

eta: Huh...it just hit me that Ben did a reference to The Matrix in this. When John "pulls" Scorpius into the game:

Scorpius: "This world means nothing to me. I see through its very existence."
Gilina: "John?" She starts to back away, towards the doorway behind her.
Scorpius: "Allow me to show you what I see."
Gilina puts her hands to her face and screams as she dissolves into a series of data strings that swirl and vanish.
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