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*makes a midnight snack with spam*

kazbaby: by the way... next charity auction that you join, i'm going to bid like a mother fucker on you and win so i can get a sequel to
that story
ivorygates: *giggle*
kazbaby: even if it's selling a body part to get the money.
ivorygates: *awww!*
kazbaby: For Sell: Good Set of Tits
ivorygates: *dies*
kazbaby: Complete pair.
ivorygates: low mileage?
kazbaby: Depends on if you're going up hill or down.
ivorygates: *gargles incoherently*
kazbaby: *smacks your back*
kazbaby: breathe hon
ivorygates: *cough-cough-cough* thanks. i needed that.

cheesy smile
Tags: fic for me, ha ha, sweet charity
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