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Well... huh.

Color me totally surprised by the results of The Shelly awards. It seems that I won in a few categories and made it into the Hall of Fame. I didn't even know there
a Hall of Fame.

Coup by Clam Award - 2nd Place (All Videos)
› Life Time Achievement
› For second year vidders and beyond

Have I Got Your Attention Now? Award - Tied for 1st Place (Farscape Dares You)
› Advert / Recruitment

How Batman Was That? Award - 3rd Place (The Showman)
› Theme: Action

La Bomba Award - 2nd Place (Farscape Dares You)
› Favourite Vid for 2007

Suns And Lovers Award - 2nd Place (Cool My Desire)
› Shippy Other
› Mutually exclusive from A Human Reaction and Out of Their Minds

Bringing Home the Beacon - 3rd Place (Screaming Daises)
› Character study for the gals
› Mutually exclusive with Suns and Lovers and Destiny's Couple

Thank you to anyone that voted for me in the awards and congratulations to all of the winners!

On a side note, is anyone having trouble with LJ loading w a y t o o s l o w l y ?

ETA: The reason for the LJ slowdown has been explained to me. :(
Tags: shellys, vidding
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