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Okay this made me smile on a really bad day.

I've been dealing with evol children that I live with. We've got tornado warnings all around it seems like.

But this... This made me smile.

A's three year old daughter sitting on the cough with me and petting Smaug:

Alana (having just been told not to touch his whiskers): He has a mustache?

Me: Yeah, all over.

Alana: He can talk?

Me: No...

(Mom looks down at us and starts imitating Smaug's yowl that he does and makes Alana giggle.)

Alana (stop laughing and looks very serious): He can talk. I heard him yesterday.

Me: I give!

Alana then smiles big and continues petting Smaug's back.
Tags: family, ha ha

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