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I screwed up and read Sparky's while still half asleep and didn't realize they were only the Round 1 results and actually got very depressed and started crying as I read them. (I do that easily when I haven't had my coffee yet.) Pathetic!

When I told thehallway that I had lost in everything (and that I wasn't surprised about it) she mentioned something about thinking they were Round 1. I went back and looked and of course she was right.

So I had jumped on the emotional bandwagon again. Damn I have been either on one side of that deal or the other lately. Although I felt like a horse's ass for crying like that I couldn't help it and I went to bed depressed. I don't know why I should care so much about this deal. I knew from the moment I was nominated that I'm not going to win, I guess..hell I don't know what I'm guessing. I just still gotta hope I'll get lucky and finally win something like this.

Okay, ending the emotional bullcrap now.

ETA: Yes...I have no life to worry about this. *g*

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