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Meme answers for tassosss

*makes note to not let a good mood sweet-talk me in to doing a meme like this again, it's hard*

She'd asked for me to talk about Farscape.

Good lord the questions got harder and harder to answer the further down I went on the list.

1.The first character I fell in love with:

John Crichton (like that's a surprise)
- It was in Til The Blood Runs Clear and he'd just called Rorg a bitch and for Aeryn to "keep her damn mouth shut", I immediately thought 'the good guy doesn't say that!'. But it was the opening teaser scene of Die Me Dichotomy that sealed my love for him (and the show) forever when he was fighting for control of his mind and then surrendered.

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:

- I hated his little green ass for all of the dirty little self-serving stunts he'd pulled, but when he flew up to Aeryn's window in The Choice and revealed such a private personal part of himself to her while putting himself in danger in order to help her deal with her grief... well froggy did good and he won me over.

3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t:

- Don't get me wrong, I respect the character and even like her a great deal because she kicks ass. But I have a great deal of trouble 'clicking' with her.

4. The character I love that everyone else hates:

- Because he's Pinocchio and has been becoming a 'real live boy' since the chip was removed and I still maintain that it was really just Harvey 2.0 that died in PKwars and not 'our' Harvey.

5. The character I would shag anytime:

John Crichton *cough* Aeryn *cough* Chiana.
- Why do I have to decide amongst the pretty!?!

6. The character I'd want to be like:

John Crichton.
- But without the additional psychotic breaks, I have enough of my own thank you very much.

7. The character I'd slap:

- All of them at any given time. Well, except for Scorpius, he's just too bad ass of a villain to want to slap.

8. A pairing that I love:

- Because I'm a frelling romantic at heart.

9. A pairing that I despise:

Daniel/Vala. Wait wrong fandom. I don't have a pairing I despise in Farscape. To me each one belongs so perfectly that the show wouldn't be what it is without it.

10. Favorite character:

John Crichton.
- Because he's flawed and he's beautiful and he tries to do what needs to be done even if it's not exactly the right thing to do. Because he's real, he's US. And to quote catherinebruce: He wears insanity the way he wears leather. *drools*

11. What are your five favorite things about your fandom/show?

Jesus... is this cheating, asking for five things in the middle of asking other questions?
- a. They make me cry like a bitch
b. It makes you get involved with the characters emotionally
c. Moya is a character that will make you ache and want to cuddle her. I mean if you could hug a spaceship. Which I totally would. :D
d. The bad guys are the good guys and vice versa
e. Slash is canon

12. What are your five least favorite things about your fandom/show?

*pout* I still think this is cheating.
- a. They make me cry like a bitch
b. There's not enough of it!
c. Aeryn's summer vacation. I want answers dammit!
d. Annoying blue monkey men
e. I don't like what they did to Harvey in PKWars. He is not just a clown. Yes, they have a great habit of making fun of themselves, but this time it didn't work.

13. Who are your five favorite characters?

John Crichton, Scorpius, Stark, D'Argo, Chiana

14. Who are your five least favorite characters?

Hmm... I feel bad to even say because it makes it seem as if I hate the characters and I really don't hate any of them.

15. What are your five favorite pairings?

John/Scorpius, John/Aeryn, Scorpius/Braca, D'Argo/Chiana, Stark/Zhaan

16. What are your five least favorite pairings?

Really, I don't have a least favorite pairing. Honest.

17. Which character are you most like?
John Crichton.
- It's complicated. :D

18. What is your deep, dark fandom secret?

If I tell you, I'd have to kill you. :) Actually I'm still thinking on this one.
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