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Sweet Charity

What I'm offering up this time around...

1 video:

First of all a warning: I am a very slow vidder. But what I lack in speed I make up for by giving you a video you'll enjoy for quite some time. I am offering up one video for either Farscape or SG-1 (I don't have the entire series yet so I'm sticking with to only Seasons 9 & 10). Any type of music but Country (and that depends on the song, so have a second choice in mind just in case). Please check with me about the music you want for the video; if I don't own the song, you will need to provide it.

2 graphics:

I can offer wallpapers (1), banners (1), icons (I'll offer up 10 as a single item) for the following fandoms: Farscape (entire series), SG-1 (season 1-4 & 9-10), Supernatural (entire series to date), Dr. Who (series 1-3), Dexter (season 1), Rome (entire series).

1 fanfic:

One fanfic (1,000 words). Fandoms are Farscape (het, slash, gen, AU) and SG-1 (seasons 9 & 10. Slash, gen, AU. pairings Daniel/Cameron and Cameron/Teal'c). I'm still very new to writing SG-1, so please be gentle with me and I will make sure that I give you the best story I can. :D

This time sweetcharityvox is being held for: The Writers Guild Foundation which "has established an Industry Support Fund to assist members of the industry who are in financial distress as a direct result of the Writers Guild of America strike against the AMPTP, which began on November 5, 2007." *Description snurched with permission from ivorygates who snurched it from Sweet Charity's site*
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