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Please to be going over to ivorygates' LJ and reading the phenomenal, amazing, kick ass, bow before your god fic she wrote for me in our personal holiday fic exchange. My fic will hopefully be posted this weekend sometime.

But this story... I love this story to death and I've told IG so. Numerous times now. It gives me the shivers and makes me crave for more and I so want to share the love.

Not sure you want to click on the link? How about a little taste...

By the time he catches up to the other three - hustling his ass across a snowfield, flat and white and glistening in all directions beneath a sky so blue it's nearly purple, and the only thing in sight that isn't flat and white and snow is the Stargate - he's got a headache and his stomach is churning, and it's not because (not just because) when he looks around (so damned quiet; too damned quiet) he hears a phantom radio and the hash of static, and the sounds of his boys and girls going down to death in ice and fire beneath a sky just this blue. It's because

i am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

he's Cameron Mitchell. And he's Cameron Mitchell. Two sets of not-quite-identical memories, overlaid, and back at the SGC they thought he'd be observing, but it's more like he's remembering, while remembering (at the same time) that what he remembers isn't true at all. (What is Truth? said Jesting Pilate; that's one of Jackson's favorite quotes.)

You like? Then what are you still doing here?! Go! Read! And make sure you tell her how frelling awesome this story is.

The Colors of that Piece of Time
Tags: fic rec, fic: sg-1

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