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Denial isn't just a river in Egypt

Some lovely Ben Browder mentions that I've caught the last couple days to make your Thursday go smoothly.

From Gateworld I found that Rufus Sewell mentioned Ben in an interview:

What happened with Judi Dench?
We were ships in the night! [Laughs] Um, no. She came to give us a talk in school because we had this "face to face" thing that Mark Wing-Davey, who was running our school at the time, had organized where he had actors he knew come and talk to us eager little toads. At one point Ben Browder, who is now in a series called Farscape, put his hand up and said the unsayable, "Will you come and direct us?"

Did you all cringe?
Yes, we were all like, "Oh, Ben! Gosh! Don't be so brash!" And then she said, "Yeah, OK." And she came back and directed Macbeth. I was extremely peeved to be cast as the Porter, but I did all I could with it. She got her agent to come, and a friend of hers who was running a theater company, Tim Pigott-Smith, also came and gave me a job. I only realized later it was because she had gone to them and said, "There's this whippersnapper you should go and see. If you can get him to turn up on time, he might be something." She was very helpful, but you could never say thank you to her.


And RDA's website has released some fun photos from the cast's time in the Arctic.

I know I've posted a copy of this before, but this one is much better quality. plus...I still love it cause of his bangs being long. *g*

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