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I'm taking bets on the recovery time I need from my trip. The winner will get... uh... something shiny. :D

So far the kids have been nice as hell to me, I'm giving it a few more days for the "new" to wear off. There are so many adolescent hormones floating around here I think I hit puberty again myself! *snicker*

I'd stayed the night over at my bro's place since M wanted to see me so badly. In fact she'd called right after I'd pulled in yesterday during lunch to see if I was here yet. When I got on the phone you could hear her bouncing and she told me she loved me. Then laughed because she got funny looks from other kids around her after saying that. *sniff* Stuff like that makes all the aches from the drive worth it.

While over at T's I showed M my short little home movies of my drive (it lasts about 15 minutes) but we were using the LCD screen on the camera and so killed the remaining juice in the batteries.

S actually volunteered to share her bedroom with me, but she did have some ulterior motives - she wants help keeping the other kids out of her room since there's no door on it any longer. (the door frame has been destroyed on both bedroom doors from slamming)

But I'm not on my computer yet since things need to be re-arranged in the den to fit my desk (a long table) and get mom's router to working again or else we'll be switching back and forth with the ethernet cord and the modem. LOL

So I'm just chilling out while mom and the kids are at church and doing a bit of cleaning up in the den for putting stuff in here tomorrow and also working on mom's computer. Nothing much on that at this point. Just ran scans and defragging it for now. I had to do something, this thing is so fucking slow a person would enjoy a root canal more.

I'm going to try and get caught up on LJ but I think I was at skip=620. Might take me a while. And I so need to catch up on comments.

Everyone is insane still. It was 81 degrees and I miss the rain. Home sweet home. Right? ;)
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