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I'm alive and no I didn't make it home before Thanksgiving

This has been the trip from hell because of money issues... meaning this truck has used up way more gas than I thought it would. I've already gone through all my savings for it and had to hit up mom for help. (it's a good thing I did listen to her about the tracfone before I left or I'd still be stuck in Boise.)

I stayed the night at oneeyethedrd's and slept a LOT and watched the Dune remake.

And I'm fixing to head out back on the road now that One Eye has gotten my cat stoned (catnip).

I'll do another phone post in a day or so.

I just want to get home dangit cause I'm tired and it's bloody fucking cold here!

One last thing: Google maps suck at calculating distance and Budget is a great - if you want to fund the entire gas industry for one trip!
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