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Going to kill the cat

I thought for sure that my luck with cats before a move was going to continue just a little bit ago.

Let me start out by saying I have never moved with a cat, only dogs. Wanna know why? Cause the little bastards always run away the day of or the night before!

So I'd made plans to put Smaug and Yoda in the carriers before I started toting stuff to the moving truck tomorrow. Guess what Smaug did when I left the kitchen window open two inches to get some fresh air in the apartment? He pushed it open with his big fat head and jumped out the window! Oh lord did I scramble, almost sliding in the mud when I hit it (not a good idea since that mud is at edge of a nice steep hill). But just as I ran around the corner to where he jumped out... he jumped back in!

*glares at him* Gonna have me a hat before I get to Florida.


I am so freaked about this drive coming up since I have never driven this far on my own. But I'm all packed up except for the computer which is of course going to be the last thing unhooked. I figure since the mattress and boxspring are going to be the hardest for me to move on my own up two flights of stairs, those puppies are going to go first. I would take them around back but *points up* at the edge of a big hill. I was going to get some rest afterward over at AOM's so she could say goodbye to Smaug, but mom pointed out that I really don't want to be driving over unfamiliar mountains in the dark. The woman has done a hell of a lot more moving of this type than me so I believe I shall take the word of experience here and cut the visit with AOM a bit short or just crash at a rest stop outside of the city and sleep because it'll take me a while to get this bed out on the truck.

Would you believe I'd totally forgotten that this week was Thanksgiving? It didn't hit me until after I'd talked to mom about why she'd asked me if I was going to be home by Thursday. *facepalm*
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