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life is more a poly-morph and not a box of chocolates

Yesterday was just weird in general, but the topper was these 'rockers'. Totally outfitted as such, carrying their instruments and setting them down at the bus stop and they start talking. I move under the bus shelter because it starts sprinkling and I catch part of their conversation and I don't know what was more shattered: Their image or me trying not to bust out laughing because they were talking about the Care Bears movies and the trumpet player was saying that he loved the second one the best because of Dark Heart saying he cared.

*falls over laughing*

And after getting a bunch of PMs and emails from folks over on TF I decided to send in Farscape Dares You to the con for the contest. I told one person though 'don't expect them to play it. I don't.'
Tags: burbank2007, vidding, west coast newbie

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