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Tried to work on the beginnings of a John/Larraq story, but every attempt fell flat with a big ole thump on the floor. So I finally got off my ass and started on the sequel to Harbinger. This is only a rough beginning of it. I want to be more descriptive of the planet they're on, but for now I have this. It feels off right now.

As the day progressed, windows became boarded up. The few men not working in the mines, fixed and reinforced broken tiles on the tops of homes and the businesses. The color seemed to slowly bleed out of the colorful frames of the homes as the arns went by.

A flash of lightning streaked across the distant clouds. Aeryn cursed under her breath, silently urging D'Argo to hurry and bring the transport back before the storms hit.

Walking slowly passed a group of children, Aeryn lightly touched her growing stomach and a smile graced her lips as she watched them play a game that only they knew the rules to. So far their visit had been pleasant, and all too soon they would have to leave before this side of the planet came under the first of the seasonal storms. Storms which sent these people back to a more primitive way of life and would render all ships and communication useless as the ion particles bombared the planets surface.

Her eyes searched through the small groups of women talking, Aeryn found the figure she sought and her smile fell. He moved slowly, deliberately. Watching people around him. She was familiar with this way. It is a part of her. It once was part of the very air she had breathed from the time of her birth. It was stagnant, limiting, but she knew.... Knew that when the time came, John's movements could...would turn deadly in less than the blink of an eye.

Four monens since she had discovered the source of the changes within him. Four monens and yet he remained quiet and closed off from them all as he berated himself for the lives he took.

She faulted herself for this by making the mistake of telling him the truth about the rape he believed had happened to her. Now she wished that she could take back those words and allow him to live in ignorance. To let him believe that somehow his actions were justified. Instead of taking his words to heart about trust and honesty.

It hurt to see his eyes quickly go from relief to despair over what he had done, and it was the last time she saw him exhibit any type of emotion. He closed himself off as he once was, but this time there was no lakka to blame it on. John, for some reason, decided to hide once more. This time from himself.

Snurched from kernezelda

Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Courage
In a survival situation, you:Play dead
Your hidden talent is:Seeing the best in others
Your gift is:Artistic talent
In groups, you:Act as host/ess
Your best quality is:Your inclusiveness
Your weakness is:Your overbearing nature
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