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I still haven't finished watching all of Heroes yet. I think I'm going to have to save it up for the weekend and watch it then, but from what I've seen so far... it's all good baby. :D

With the ficathon fun I'd forgotten to mention my talk with mom on Saturday, it mainly focused on S since I'd talked to her first because she had mom's cellphone at the laundromat. It seems that one of her friends has come out as being Bi and told S that she thought she was 'hot'. It kinda freaked S out and I told her not to be. It's no different than if one of her guy friends told her the same thing since unfortunately she is a very gorgeous girl, she just has to deal with it and adjust. But it also turns out that this girl is taking a lot of flack by the other kids at school, including from S' boyfriend and she's the one that introduced the two. Another thing I mentioned to her is that she has to be above all the little kids and just be this girl's friend. That's it's tough enough for an adult to come much less a teenager which means that her friend is brave as hell and that my sister would not want her to think less of this girl simply because she's Bi. (Tina had went off on S in the grocery store years ago and outed me to the oldest girls since S had made a nasty remark about a gay couple.) Pretty much I told her to think of how her mom would feel and react to this all. She promised that she would be there for her friend if she needs to talk and not let anything stand in the way of that even if the 'hot' comment did weird her out. I told her that she was probably testing the waters on who is really her friend.

When I called mom a few minutes later, I told her about the conversation and she was surprised to hear about the girl but instantly knew who it was because of little things that S had been saying over the week. She said that she would help S deal with it. I also found out that one of my cousins is in the closet and god I laughed. Me and Tina had it right! He won't come out though since he lives in a very bigoted small town in Missouri.

I'll continue this in another post since I have to finish getting ready for work.
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