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Wow the stories that have come out of this ficathon so far have been phenomenal! Thank you all again for participating and giving so many people fic that have made us laugh or cry or just sink our teeth into. Amazing stuff!

There are still a few stories needed at this point. Only two of those that let me know that they will be late. Most of the others I know will be posted at some point today. I'll be emailing folks tonight if they haven't contacted me or posted to find out what's up.

But overall the Farscape Potluck Ficathon has been a success and I couldn't have done it all without you guys!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go crawl back into bed because my head and stomach are thumping to beat the band and I've actually called out sick because...let's just say that the way I feel right now, riding public transit is not the best place for me.
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