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Disney on Acid - Farscape Potluck Ficathon (masterlist)

Ah... the time has finally arrived. Posting time for the Farscape Potluck Ficathon. As you can see, the list of writers that have joined fall from all walks of life - much like our favorite characters and I would like to thank all of you for joining me in this bit of insanity. I've seen much freaking and flailing and satisfied grins over the received assignments. Which makes me a happy (if somewhat sadistic) camper. :D

When posting your fics, please note the recipient and the request you are fullfilling. Comment here with links, and I'll update the master list throughout the day. (though there will be a short period of absence by me since I have a wedding reception to attend.)

kazbaby wrote Mind to Love for gigerisgod
cretkid wrote "" for scrubschick
pdxscaper wrote Forever Feels Like Home for fbf
oneeyethedrd wrote Kitchen Chemistry - The Elementary Remix for cretkid
scrubschick wrote The Boat for pellucid
sabaceanbabe wrote "Delayed" for pdxscaper
simplystars wrote Madness, Yet Method in 't for thehallway
azuremonkey wrote Cleaning Up (Flame and Flower Remix) for sabaceanbabe
ainsley wrote Great Big Sucking Thing for azuremonkey
gigerisgod wrote Obsidian Spirits for ladycallie
kernezelda wrote Angel's Gamble, Devil's Deal for kazbaby
Also wrote Slow With The Soul for oneeyethedrd as a pitch hitter until FBF's fic is finished.

jackluminous wrote "Delayed" for astrogirl2
ladycallie wrote Rain City and Slow Dancing in a Burning Room for sugargroupie
thehallway wrote Me, On My Way To You for ainsley
sugargroupie wrote Spinning Tales (the two person chorus mix) for kixxa
fbf wrote "will be delayed for personal reasons" for oneeyethedrd
hossgal wrote The Morning, the Evening and the Night for simplystars
pellucid wrote Like Two Strangers for hossgal
kixxa wrote Bad Company part 1 | part 2 for jackluminous
astrogirl2 wrote At the Turn of the Cycle for kernezelda

I would like to thank everyone who has participated, this most definitely would not be possible without all of you authors for taking the time to join and write these stories.
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