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Sitting here trying to wake up enough before going out to do my running today. Put in more applications, resumes and all that crap. I'm getting too used to sitting around the house doing domestic crap. I hate sitting around.

thehallway put up her story Weekend. This is one of the very few Earth stories out there that I've ever truly enjoyed. I didn't feel like I was treading water while reading it. And she doesn't make it all goody-goody, 'Yay! We're on Earth and having fun!!' stories. She does emotional pain for John and Aeryn so very beautifully. *g* But go read it, and let her know what you think of it. She seems to think she's a terrible writer.

Like I said, I'm trying to wake up. So I made this Chiana icon. I really stink at coming up with text, but I thought this fit her. *g*


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