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Today was better...

I still felt sick a good part of the day, but during lunch I took a little nap and started feeling a bit better and my quality of callers improved so...it ended well. :D

In honor of that I'm actually going to do a meme. I saw it somewhere when I was trawlin' LJ on my other breaks.

Quote your favorite lines you have written and invite others to do the same.

Off the top of my head I can think of two lines I've written that make me smile to this day:

From Caress:
Combinations of various abominations abound in a universe built on cruelty.

From Phantasmagoria:
Beg me. Plead for mercy at the flutter of a bird’s wing, a passing thought drawn into an open mouth of fire. What has to be done – is. There is no such thing as mercy if you cannot learn.

Better hurry, my grip is slipping. Choose now, or forever hold your peace.
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