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Yesterday was NOT a good day.

Before it was halfway over, I so wanted to go home. I felt like crap and it seemed I was getting every idiot under the sun on my line. And I wasn't the only one. Toward the end I declared it a "pony day", and everyone in the call center seemed to need a pony to cheer them up.

The topper was getting lectured by my last bus driver. He was early and stopped to let me on and I had to listen to him half the way home detailing his 'empathy' for me since it was cold and dark. But if it happens again he won't stop and I'll just have to wait until the next bus (45 minutes).

Thank god ivorygates was online and she serenaded me with yummy goodness to make things end on a much better note. ♥

I really wish though that I could call in today. Part of the problem yesterday is the fact I have been so freaking nauseous. Probably due to the fact I'm going on two weeks with a frelling sinus headache that nothing is kicking away, at least not completely. Even Excedrine only knocks it back to a dull throb between my eyes and I just want to go back to sleep until it's over with.
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