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Well, I finally went for it and volunteered for the 5 quest. Meme. Poor kixxa had the pleasure. *g* The way you asked me, it was so cute, I had to leave it like that.

Q1. (I like this question.) You're able to invite three people, either living or dead, to your dinner party. Who would you invite and why?

*segment her mind.... As many layers as it takes....*

A: Well for one, this is a no brainer here. Ben Browder, I find the man interesting as hell. Not just physically either. (that just a bonus)I really enjoyed listening to him talk in Burbank, and I didn't think enough people asked him questions in regards to the episodes or motivations into his character.

Second person would be William H. Bonney. The only person I have ever really read up on on my own (not a school assingment). It started with the movie Young Guns, which I watched obsessively when I was 15. That's when I started reading any book I could lay my hand on to get more information on him. I just find the guy's life interesting, and would love to know if he and Pat Garrett really faked his death like Brushy Bill Roberts claimed.

The third I think would be either Abraham Lincoln, or Monica Lewinsky.

Okay, maybe not Monica, she'd be all over Ben. But I really want to know why the hell she didn't wash that damn dress cause that's like uber-nasty not to.*g*

But Lincoln? Just because I thought he did a great thing. He took a risk trying to do the right thing, and I would like to just be able to meet the man.

Q2. Your fic is well-known for its bold and compelling plot bunnies. What motivates you to write, and what do you find inspiring?

*that was a hard one. But your reading public need to know!*

A: I usually write what I would like to see as a story line, and the only way to get it is to do it myself. I want to see what else is out there, not just the happy endings. So I write them for me to read later on. I don't make people happy with a lot of my plot points, but these are stories to entertain my imagination. I only share them with others. There are actually quite a few story ideas that I haven't written because they are too dark to be seen by anyone. Even me.

As for inspiration, it can be a line from the show or a song on the radio. Hell, a couple have been from dreams. It just depends. During a fic, I'll listen to a certain type of music that a scene calls for to help me drum up the imgages.

Q3. You're only allowed to take three FS eps when you're marched off to slave in the alien rock-salt mine. Which three would you take, and why?

*she's beginning to break!*

A: Do trilogy's count as one epi? Because one is Liars, Guns and Money. I love the action, the interation of the crew with one another and then the mercenaries. John's struggle against the clone and Scorpius. Also how close to the edge he really comes. His sacrifice to get Jothee back. Was it really his idea or was he motivated by the clone?

Won't Get Fooled Again - I love seeing John's reaction to the warped version of the world he knows. But we also get a damn good idea of how Jack and DK really are here judging by John's words to them on the stairway after he drop Rygel. Watching him trying to figure it all out and the gradual decline in his mental state as it goes further along.

The third is a toughy, but I would have to say We're So Screwed trilogy. Just because it shows how far John really is willing to go to get Aeryn back and also protect the wormhole tech. I love they way everyone backs him in his plan. (god, i would kill to find out how he convinced them about that damn bomb) But it also shows that John can be very callous to other's opinion when he drops the bomb down the shaft without asking the others. That was very selfish, considering the fact he could be frying everyone of them, but the way I see it. He didn't see any other way out. That at least this way they stood a chance of surviving. (also would kill to find out how they made it out of the wonkavator)I also loved the remorse he showed there at the end, that he hadn't become as cold and closed off as he was appearing before. He didn't like the idea that he had killed innocent Kalish, and he didn't like what he had become.

Q4. Whoot! Lucky you!! You're next in line for reincarnation and you're gonna get the choice. So... Human? Nebari? Delvian? ...or PK? (You're gonna be a woman, right?) *g*

A: I'd only stay a woman if I was going to be Delvian, can't miss out on the photogasms. *g* But they live too damn long. Human, been there..done that. Boring. Nebari? While I like gray, I wouldn't like my skin to be that way.

I would choose to be a male PK or rather Sebacean (i dont like taking orders). I don't like the heat anyway so that wouldn't put a damper in my life. But I like the longer life span and the benefits of better eye sight and strength.

*final twirl, then you can rest...until next time!*

Q5. Describe your perfect evening.

Partner? (Optional) That answer is only known by me. *g*
Weather: (eg. warm night, cool breeze...or cold and snowy, etc) drizzly and windy
Food: (please write your menu) Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
Drink: (eg. wine? iced chocolate?) Sweet tea with dinner, then whiskey shooters
Entertainment: Play, movie, or music (concert?) Godsmack, Metallica or Enya concert
Which do you prefer?: Whipped cream or chocolate topping? *g* (Optional).chocolate topping, the whipped cream is a bitch to get out of your hair.
Waterbed, or four poster feather, or Japanese Love Hotel? four poster feather bed. Umm...gotta have something to hang stuff from. *bg* too much info?

The rules blurb thingy:

1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

Thanks for not killing me with these, but my brain hurts now. Me going get coffee now, get brain working good again.

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