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Whoever the two of you are that gifted me yesterday and last night.

Thank you!

*hugs entire flist to make sure I don't miss anyone*

And to actually add to this more upbeat post: I graduated work training on Friday!

I still have one more week of "training" but that's dealing mostly with learning the new type of Cisco phones. The technical side, learning about IPs and the credit card/ecommerce stuff is done. I am not the only person in that room that at one point felt like their brain was leaking out of their ears.

They had a little graduation party and our trainer bought us cake: chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. It was both scary and a thing of beauty. *snicker*

This has got to be the most laid back call center I've ever worked for. I'll find out the truth once I'm actually on the floor though. ;)
Tags: friends, prezzie, work stuff

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