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oh this is going to hurt isn't it?

Found out this morning that job training is actually going to take place an hour earlier than what my actual job hours will be. So I've been searching bus/train schedules again (totally killing my eyes once more because their websites suck monkey butt). But I think I've found a route that'll get me to work on time without too much stress. I say "I think" only because I just found out that starting today that Commuter Hell has begun due to I-5 construction shutdowns. And oooh lordy this is going to be interesting since I have to catch my first bus at 5:45...AM.

I'm in for some long ass days since my classes this quarter don't get out until 9:50pm.

I am so glad that Yoda is going to have company (I'm going to be taking care of avenuepotter's cat Smaug) and I'd hate to have to have leave him alone for so damn long each day.

*makes a self-cheerleading sign YOU CAN DO IT! You've done worse!*
Tags: school, west coast newbie, work stuff, yoda boy

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