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Sci-Fi Missing The Point with Farscape

Apparently the really expensive, heavy-on-the-drama and absolutely enjoyable original Scfi Channel series Farscape is making a bit of a comeback, albeit not through traditional outlets. The critically acclaimed (for all that comment is worth these days) series will see 10 new episodes streaming from the Scifi Channel website, each limited to between three and six minutes in length, according to a press release.

Now with that babel out of the way, here's the problem and here's where Scifi is missing the point: this is an opportunity to prove that a television show doesn't have to die just because a broadcast or cable network doesn't want to carry it anymore. People want more Farscape and if webisodes is the way to get it made, then so be it. But the most obvious problem is that people don't want three minute shiny toys, they want 42 minutes of sweet Farscape ass to spank.
(best damn quote of the week)

Link to full article with mentions of SG-1.
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