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When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Maybe I'll actually finish a long fic for once, right? Don't laugh... it could happen.

All are Farscape naturally.

Counting Stars (Coming Together sequel): This is actually only missing about a scene (still) and it can go to beta.

Following the short hall, passing by a set of bunks facing one another, he reaches the end pulls up on the lever sealing the rear door. It opens with a hiss and reveals an empty cargo hold. At least Braca hadn’t decided their escape was an exercise in method acting. He retraces his steps and stops once more at the galley, which was really just a small shelf built into the side, the cooking surface raised up and latched out of the way until needed. The refrigeration unit is a small drawer that slides out of the wall, inside he spots several drinks sitting neatly in a bundle tied together opposite several trays of food.

John pulls one out, trying not to let his hands shake as he pops open the top and takes a sip before turning it up. Disappointingly it was only nutrient water and not the strong belt of something that could make paint peel that he wanted.

“Okay, I’ll bite. How’d you make this happen?”

Scorpius turns halfway in his chair, opting to face the wall opposite him instead of John, “Foresight and preparation. For quite some time I’ve known there were parties within the Counsel who questioned my project. Although my mental incapacitation was a surprise, Braca acted solely on my behalf.”

“So you didn’t expect to be made into one of the pound puppies. What about Grayza and her magic boob juice, what’s keeping Smithers from spilling his guts?”

“Specialized training. The captain has proven to harbor a proclivity for subterfuge.”

“And you just couldn’t leave me all on my lonesome, so I was offered a free ride.”

“Exactly. I’m sure as soon as Grayza had all the information that she desired then you would have found yourself in front of the Chancellor and the rest of the High Counsel for public execution. That cannot happen.”

“And Aeryn?” John refuses to look at him at first, taking another drink as he waited for an answer.

“I was well aware of her movements about my carrier and to whom she spoke to. I’ve known of her whereabouts for monens,” the half-breed pauses long enough to stand and face John. “She is reason why the timetable of our escape was rushed.

J/A AU from DMD - Justify My Love (or Space Pirates!): This is just about done and one of MANY things I'm trying to finish before school starts.

There, in the middle of street between the candied yams and burned pretzels, at least that’s what they reminded him of anyway, she asked him, “Do you love me?”

He stopped, didn’t turn around to face her. “Hell of a time to ask, Aeryn,” she slipped her arms around his waist, “Why are you asking right now? Or can I guess why?”


Taking her right hand, John pulled her in front of him, his breath warm against her ear as he whispered, “And just how many guesses do I get?”

“One,” Aeryn pulled away, “Make it count.” Her feet move quickly, crossing a short distance away from him to a small fountain. He smiled at the mischievous gleam in her eyes, biting her bottom lip.

Ignoring the crowd of people separating them, John paces back and forth a few times, never taking his eyes from Aeryn’s. He already knows the answer, but he likes to make her wait. It was something that sparks their imagination every now and then.

Shake things up.

Nothing mattered at the moment but her as she sits down. Leaning backward, palms resting against the rock wall. Curves and attitude, wrapped in leather that waited for him to rediscover over and over again as she spread her knees wide and reach down toward her boots. Cupping the inside of the calf muscles, he watches her fingers begin to move, tracing the supple arc upward, only to stop at the vee between her thighs.

Smile gone, he was done with his part of the game. Pushing people out of way, he reaches Aeryn and lifts her by the upper arms. Crushing her lips with his, they turn as one and soon John is sitting where she had sat only moments ago.

He pulls her close, and she straddles him. Leaning in, John’s teeth clamp around the hardened nipple protruding through the thin black cloth. Wanting the taste of her in his mouth, he separates the flimsy barricade, lapping and sucking until he can hear a soft groan escape.

It doesn’t matter who’s watching, all he cares about is finishing. They’d left too many things to chance and now all that matters is living in the moment. Aeryn grinds her hips against his groin.

She licks the corner of his mouth. “You guessed correctly.”

Feeling a tap on his left should, John doesn’t bother to turn around. “Go. Away.”

“You cannot be performing such carnal acts in public, in front of children and…” The man didn’t have a chance to see the human reach for the pistol and shoot. The thud of his body didn't deter them from the focus of their attention.

“Argh, I thought he’d never leave. Now – where were we,” Aeryn asked, nibbling the side of John’s neck.

He reached the lips of her pants, slipping his fingers inside. “Just…about…here...”

Chiana fic - Post PKW: Started this last year, but kinda lost the tone when I thought I could finish it the next day.

She wasn't brittle, proven it to herself over and over again, but each microt that passed by she splintered and cracked.

No one comes this way anymore. They’re afraid. Of the memories. Of accidentally saying something that will widen the cracks and nothing of her will be left.

Just one more mess of hers they’ll have to pick up. Try and sweep up the pieces and put together.

She keeps to the side, no longer facing life down the center. It makes her laugh when she thinks of it.

The Not-A-Zombie fic. (John, Chiana, Stark) - between LGM3 & DMD: I still like the idea in my head for this fic and I really do want to finish it hopefully soon. *crosses fingers*


“I did dammit. This sucker doesn’t want to go down.” Instead of aiming at the once sentient creature that loped towards them, John points his gun at the rear of one of the ground transports and prays that its similar enough to a regular car and shoots rapidly. Sparks fly with each hit, the Wincedow cocking its head at the light show. John spots a flame beneath the carriage and shouts, “Take cover.”

There is no real place to scramble to safety but for a small pile of rubble. John grabs Chiana and Stark and throws them behind it as the car explodes, taking the native along with it.

Pieces of the transport and Wincedow fall over the three of them, John’s head and neck covered in the pale green blood. It reeks of sour decay and John begins scrambling for something to wipe the foul liquid off of him. “You guys all right?”

“Chiana’s hurt.”

He balls up the scrap of cloth in his hand and drops down beside the Nebari girl. “Pip?”

A long stripe of blue is running along the length of her thigh. “I’m okay, Crichton. You’ve done worse to me.”

“I didn’t…,” he began but Chiana quickly interrupted him. “I was joking, old man. I’ll be fine, but we need to get off this frelling road before another one comes along.”

“You’re right.”

“Just remember that,” she states with a wink.

John laughs grimly. “Everyone's a damn comedian.”

They both give him a strange look, one that he hasn’t seen in a couple of days. “What? That translated weird I take it.”

“Don’t ask and help me up.”

The two men reach under her arms and lift. “I think we should go to their medical facilities before moving on to the transport pod.”

“Yeah, she’s bleeding badly and they might have something to get this toxic waste off of me. Zombie guts are not something I want to have on me for very long and the pod doesn’t have a shower on it.”

“You should have fixed that monens ago.”

“Shut up and walk, girl. I think that’s the building we need right up there.”

eta: jeez... how many acronyms can a person fit into a post. *snerk*
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