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Went to 4 stores looking for a copy of In The Mouth of Madness to buy after talking about it with someone the other day. I haven't seen it in like 6 years. They didn't have it for sale at any of the Blockbusters or Hollywood Video or Walmart. So tomorrow I'm hopping over to Best Buy.

But I did come across a great deal at Hollywood Video. 3 movies for $30. So I bought Solaris, Identity, and X-Men 2. Only seen Identity so far and...HOLY SHIT! You will never figure out the ending. I was right in my guess, but in a fucked up kind of way.

Going to try and get through Solaris tonight.

Going crazy looking for fonts I like. I saw somewhere on the LJs a chart with different fonts, and I can't remember where. I spent like an hour looking and can't remember. Curses to my gerbil-like memory!

Saw this over on Kansas: How can you tell if your cat has seen you naked? Turn on your sound and click this: http://www.code16.com/cat

Just something I want to use for the HoS sequel.

He moves slowly, deliberately as he watches people around him. She was familiar with this way. It is a part of her. It once was part of the very air she had breathed from the time of her birth. It was stagnant, limiting, but she knew.... Knew that when the time came, John's movements could...would turn deadly in less than the blink of an eye.

One more thing. kernezelda, I'm sending you big ole hug for pointing out my lack of proofreading to me. *g* I appreciate it.
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