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Farscape Fic: Twilight

Author's Notes:
I did this for Farscape Friday. Some of this is in response to Ben Browder's stating how he'd envisioned TJohn's last moments.
Infinite Possibilites part 2
Not mine. If it were, we'd have a Farscape Channel.


The colors of the room mixed together, one slightly trailing into the other. The edges blurring, fading around him.

He wanted to wrap his arms around her one last time. The taste of her kiss still on his lips, but that was already fading now as well. The darkness had grown, the room almost a memory now.

She had told him she didn't want him to go with regret. He had but one still in his heart as he felt the beat slowing. He would leave her. He didn't want to leave her hurting...alone.

He wanted to at least leave her with some hope. The same hope he had within him that she would continue to grow, to become who she was truly meant to be.

"Don't worry about me...I've never felt better." He couldn't hold back the darkness any longer as it finally enveloped him.
Tags: farscape, fic

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