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How bad is it that I can't remember writing smut?

According to the properties and stuff this file is not even a week old. I know I wrote it but I don't remember writing it. :p

He licks the soft hollow where her neck and shoulders meet, savoring the sweet taste of sweat and chakkan oil mingled together. His head swims. Thumps in time with his heartbeat, with hers, and he moans in expectation.

Fingers grip either side of her hips, pulling her roughly towards him as she bits gently on his earlobe, whispering of all the little things she’s going to do to him, his body until dawn breaks out over the mountaintops.

She stroked his chest, fingers writing equations across his skin, her breasts warm and firm against his back.

Head dropping until his chin rests against his chest; John savors each millimeter as she moves over him. Her body moving with his as he slowly, meticulously bows his back, until he’s finally on his hands and knees, kneeling in supplication before his goddess.

His shirt is suddenly gone, up and off him, tossed aside. He feels her arms move away, pulling at her own top, and he reaches behind him and holds her hips, keeping their bodies connected as she flicks both her shirt and bra into the growing pile. Cool air and warm Aeryn behind him. She kisses the top of his head, anointing him, her hands sliding down his arms, twining with his, her pale breasts caress the side and back of his neck.

There’s no trace of a smile as he whirls around, lips catching hers momentarily, biting just enough to cause a subtle moan. Down. He travels down the side of her neck, kissing the edge of Aeryn’s collarbone, along the softly freckled chest, laps at the hard ridge of nipple.

She slips a one thumb in the waistband of his pants, then the other as John alternates from one breast to the other, licking and sucking and groaning with purpose when she pushes down and quickly digs her nails into his skin before reaching down and cupping his balls, nails grazing gently across the sensitive flesh.

eta: ladycallie just reminded me that it was written during my little adventures with margaritas. dumbass = me
Tags: farscape, fic
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