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I Apologize In Advance...

for any incivility or insensitivity in the days ahead but I quit smoking three days ago and haven't slept more than a few hours in that time so...

I Sowreeeeee!!

So far I want to pull my hair out and bounce off the walls and along with it is a nice lump sitting under my diaphragm and it always seems like I'm fucking starving. I kinda feel sorry for Yoda since his treats are beef jerky (people variety) and I keep grabbing the bag and sucking on a piece instead. avenuepotter has been good about talking me out of walking down the street to grab a pack.

This advanced apology is brought about by the fact I managed to be snippy as hell all day and after I got home I pissed off one of my best friends in a matter of minutes.
Tags: quit smoking

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