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Vid: Farscape Dares You

Title: Farscape Dares You
Music: I Dare You by Shinedown
Characters: Ensemble
Spoilers: Everything baby.
Link: Unrealized Reality | MediaFire

Notes: This was started last year for a friend (azuremonkey) who'd bid on me in the Sweet Charity auction but it stalled out on me... until yesterday. So now this is for the new Farscape - in whatever form - we'll be getting in the future. I tried to show everything that I love about the show, both the attention to character and the detail of the universe given to us. Thank you lizamanynames and ladycallie for the extra eyes on this. *smooches*

Blame the news, me being an emotional nut since it hit just as I quit smoking, or the fact I have drank enough Dr. Pepper to float away the St. Louis Rams for me finishing this in one day...either way I hope you enjoy the end result as much as I do.
Tags: farscape, vids

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