Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

*blinks at the bright yellow ball in the sky*

Finally slept without waking up after only a few hours. I think I crashed about 4am and then slept until almost 1pm.

I woke to a chihuahua under my butt. That poor dog. He'll need therapy for sure after that. *snicker*

Seriously though, at first I'd actually thought I hurt him, but when I moved he looked up at me and gave me a look that said 'why'd ya move, I was comfortable!' He's taken to trying to sleep with me like he did as a puppy, usually tucked under my chin or behind my back. But I toss and turn so much that end up putting him in his own blanket in the corner of my bed so I don't roll over on him or wake him up if he's zonked. Doesn't mean he won't move back though.


The weather here is supposed to actually get into the 90's for next three days. It's only 80 so far and feels nice. I'm wondering how avenuepotter is going to handle this 'heat wave' since she goes on about how hot it is when the temp barely reaches 80. I keep telling her that she so needs to avoid Florida if this going to bother her so badly.

I still want my 70 degree temps back. ;) And one thing I've noticed about the sunny days here, they're not so bright and harsh as they are in Florida. Yes I still need to wear my sunglasses and try not to be out in it too long or else I'll get sicker than a dog, but I'm not instantly blinded when I step out the door or open the curtains.
Tags: insomnia, west coast newbie, yoda boy

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