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Guy in student services hooked me up by really fixing up my resume and pointed out something to me I never knew. All these resumes I've sent out over the last two years were first of all TOO LONG (four page resumes it seems are a no no) and secondly NEVER send them as an attachment they automatically get dumped majority of the time for the same reasons we dump spam.


You'd think that at least one of those employment classes I've taken over the years would have frelling mentioned that!

Afterward I took my placement test, I do have to take basic math again which I will admit I don't mind because I do need a refresher on some of it. But the great news is that I did really well on the writing and will automatically go into the writing composition class. :D It's so funny about the subject for the writing, I had to take either the pro or con side of a year-round school schedule... which is something mom and I have talked about numerous times because of the kids. So the kids actually helped me out some today. *bg*

Now the only thing I gotta do is wait on my packet in the mail with the details for orientation and getting my student ID. And start plunking out more resumes!
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