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That's a good'un.

After eating lunch at some deli, I popped outside to smoke half a cig before we go onto our appointments. This little asshat of a man says 'you see the sign, don't you?' I turn around and look at it already knowing that it says 'please don't smoke on the property'. I'm at the edge of the driveway. And I turn back to him and say that I do see it and take another hit off my smoke. He then tells me 'I'll just throw peanuts at you until you stop.' I keep smoking and he starts throwing fucking peanuts. I hit them back at him. His buddy is hiding his eyes and trying not to laugh. I finish my cigarette and walk by him and say 'you have a nice day at being a complete asshole'.

avenuepotter was shocked at the guy's rudeness. I'm not. But it wasn't like I was anywhere really near the guy and I wasn't disobeying the sign. So fuck 'em.

Now off for the interviews.
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