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About to find out how much I like chicken'n dumplings.

avenuepotter is a vegetarian, but thankfully she's not so strict about it that she'll allow me to bring a dead bird in her house and boil it. But I had to do it while she's out at her boyfriend's place since even the thought of a dead chicken grosses her out. I think she's feeling sorry for me since I haven't been able to eat meat except for when we go out.

Can't say I blame her. The fucker is pretty nasty. And I think I'm going to be eating this shit for a month!

I'd called mom to check on something for the recipe but she wasn't home and talked to M. The kid is on cloud nine. She'd written to the lead singer of Simple Plan and told him that she loved their music and he wrote her back to thank her. Awwwww...

I'll be sending out ficathon assignments later this evening.

Sooner if I screw up my dinner. Is it possible to be genetically pre-disposed to not cook well?
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