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and fire rained upon them

It was like a commercial for a zombie movie. My sight kind of panned over this pretty landscape. There was this guy talking in the background, I couldnt really understand him. Suddenly these coffins started popping out of the ground like domino effect. Then these dead people started coming out of the ground. One in particular was this girl, young/blond..totally skeleton except her head which had a top hat with lace like a wedding hat. She had a stick shoved in her mouth.

The announcer said 'coming soon in time for your birthday'. She pulled the stick out of her throat and said, 'but i just had my birthday'.

That's when I woke up.

Talking with some friends after I was up. Suddenly I just bust out crying for no damn reason, and I couldn't stop for like 15 min. Read fbf's drabble on farscapefriday and it cheered me up.

Now...I want to read or write about death and destruction. I want to read about Crichton putting the major hurt on people. I think I'll go read halcyon_shift's story Summer Holiday series again. Put me in my happy place. *g*

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