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Could someone explain something to me?

Had two instances of Ben Browder in my dreams last night, the first time Ben showed up was during a lovely dream about a carnival, I was counting my pennies (as literally as you can get in a dream) to get on one of my favorite rides. I ended up with just enough money and somehow I got 'the lucky seat' and alarms went off. Think 10,000th customer at a grocery store with all the balloons and celebration...but this was just lights and sirens and me getting a free T-shirt ticket. So after my ride I go over to the vendors and there's Ben - selling Farscape T-shirts. I'm the last customer of the day and I know I'm running really late and it's the last day of the carnival so I want to get my shirt and get home before someone takes away my bed and pillows. But he lets me look over the Ts and suddenly all the lights go off all over the carnival and he tells me 'Sorry I gotta go' and slips behind the canvas/curtain wall. Leaving me to finish looking at the shirts. Finally I find one I want and head home, only to discover - yup... someone gave away my bed and pillows with the explanation I should know better than to go off having fun.

His final appearance had him giving an interview about the final episode of SG-1. At least I know why he had to go. *snerk* I couldn't hear what he was saying and for some reason the interview had subtitles in Korean and Russian.


I don't know either language, so whhhhy does my brain do shit like this? You know it's bad when you wake yourself up by talking in your sleep and saying 'what in the fuck?'

I went back to sleep and then my dreams got freaky. Can't remember too much about this set though there was a Gollum-like dude, a café or dinner (which is probably due to me watching SG-1's Threads before going to bed), and the bounty hunter that uses him to catch bad guys by pulling them through the pipes. This part is actually pretty gross so I won't go into that bit. ;)

I'd just like an explanation for the freaking subtitles in a different language.
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