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I gots me a new baby!

I have finally found me a vehicle that I can proudly proclaim is all my own. A dark red, 71 Ford F100, with a 400 block engine and this mother fucker can RUN!!!!

He has no power steering or power brakes, but that doesn't matter. I just think of it as working out while driving. What the hell can I expect, I paid $300 for him.

I'm going to give him a good cleaning today cause he was used as a work truck and he's going to continue where Betty left off. He's getting the www.watchfarscape.com stickers later today.hehehe

I named him of course...Talyn, cause of the dark red color of his body. My mom, oh god, you should have seen the look she gave my dad when I said his name was Talyn. She knows where this name comes from...she looked at my dad as if to say..."She's your daughter!"

Man..this truck kicks so much fucking ass. I was flying down the road. Can't wait to open him up on the highway!

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