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*snuggles under a blanket*

How much do I love the fact it's June and it's only about 50 degrees outside and cloudy and I NEED A BLANKET IN JUUUUNE!!!!!!!!! *stretches arms out wide* I've got this much love going on right now for the North West. ♥

Am I the only one that keeps watching a particular scene from the newest Dr. Who? You know the one I'm talking about with the music kicking to overdrive, and the thing with the person and and the thing and... OMG! Uh...I've lost track on how many times I've watched that five minute block of time. I'm thinking of ripping it just to make it a continuous loop, but that would be crazy right?

I need to go give my dad a call here in a minute since I was a bad daughter and forgot to call on his birthday last month.

Don't forget to hit up my poll for a possible Farscape Ficathon. There seems to be enough interest, but to get a certain two ladies involved I may tweak the type of Ficathon I put up. If you have any thoughts/suggestions feel free to post your thoughts on that thread.

Oh...almost forgot to post this. Junior being adorable and my family being freaks.

Tags: dr who, family, tv, west coast newbie, writing
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