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For those that have already seen 3x11...

I have a question about the Master and his regeneration. I have no clue if I'm remembering right, but wasn't the last time we saw the Master (in the Fox movie) he was on his last regeneration and that's why he needed the heart of the Tardis in order to steal the Doctor's remaining regenerations to live and continue being all evil and take over the world universe?

Or am I missing something here?

Oh...and why oh why couldn't Derek Jacobi stay on as the Master. He was so pretty when his memories kicked in!

I caught the last hour of an old Tom Baker episode today on PBS. The one with the killer plants. Sarah Jane was so young looking there. I almost didn't recognize her but her voice gave it away.

All I have to say is thank god for advancements in special effects cause that salad from hell on top of the estate mansion was hilarious! I had totally forgotten how cracktastic the older ones were.
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