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Farscape Fic: Time's Echo

Little drabble for Infinite Possibilities 2 and The Choice. Trying to get some beta stuff out of the way and start on the Harbinger of Sorrow sequel. I have two different ways I'd like to start it out. Trying to decide which way to go considering how the first one ended.

Time's Echo

Time presses tightly against her skin. Not giving reason or why.

She can feel the burning in her chest. A sudden burst of light in the sky and his voice answers her worried cry. The burning is gone.

Only to be replaced with a dread and hollowness that grows with each microt that passes toward his known end destination.

Naturally chilled fingers grasp onto those that once blazed with life beneath them. But now no more.

Deep silences fill the hall outside their door, they echo the sounds of her heart.

Tears no longer fall. They belong to another time, another place, to a heart filled with laughter. Not to her.
Tags: farscape, fic

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