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Okay, I think I've got the line up to put on disc for my interview on Thursday.

One Thing
Good Intentions
Moya's Ride
Under the Surface
Fading Away
Save You

I figure those, as well as a folder with some of my wallpapers and little recolored pics should be enough... I hope. Though it's weird how damn excited this woman sounded on the phone about seeing my videos. It's freaky!

I've taken the day off from working so I can finish a particular lovely woman's beta as well as add a few fixies to a couple short fics of my own. So if you need me, I'll be over here banging my head against the desk to hurry and do these while my DVD is burning.

And I finally made me a vidding icon! *resists urge to pet*
Tags: beta, icons, interview, school

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