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new friends?

Now that I have my bookmarks back, I noticed that I have a few new friends checking out my LJ.

*waves hello to new people*

I'm sort of weird on the friending thing. I try to keep the number of friends on my flist down but it's still way too much for me and I have to only view things through the filters cause I've got like buku amounts of tutorial comms on my list and it just takes for-freaking-ever to get through sometimes and I have the attention span of a gerbil with ADD.

But I know that at least a couple of you in the last month or so friended me because I had friended you in the first place 'cause of fic you've written and I enjoyed and I wanted to catch some more of your work.

If you'd like to just pop in and introduce yourself - feel free. :D

And a very Happy Birthday cretkid!! I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of treats and goodies. :D
Tags: flist, lj

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