Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Oh...I think I just had brilliant idea!

Just based on a short convo on hossgal's LJ, I say that we spark up a campaign to get Ben Browder on Supernatural since he'll be done shooting the last SG-1 movie soon. :D

Of course I think they'd never do it due to losing so much of their female audience from imploding over the hawt. I mean, could you imagine the two of them (Browder and Ackles) being all angsty in a scene and wearing tight jeans? :D


Click to enlarge and I swear that isn't a dirty joke. *gives innocent look*

They both look good with a gun and the 'don't fuck with me' face.

Great at angles.

There's those lips that seem to hold most in thrall.

And let us not forget that they can handle the angst/family issues really well. *cough*understatementfromhell*cough*

Oh...and the most important sign that Ben Browder should be on SPN... he can do the bitchface.

With the exception of the two from 2x20, all SPN caps are by elishavah. I have now spent way too much time on this post.... *points at icon*

ETA: Exhibit B
Tags: ben browder, i have a plan!, jensen ackles, picspam, supernatural

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