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Me and my timing...

I think I picked the worst possible time to post my femslah video on LJ. But how was I to frelling know that all hell would break loose on the same day?

Through all the hubbub I've kept quiet since, for the most part, it didn't affect me but I clicked links and read and nodded in agreement with the wonderfully sane bunch that is my flist.

Now that the smoke has cleared somewhat...

Femslash! Believe it not - completely work safe. Or as work safe as you can get with sexy chicks undulating to music.

DRD Plushie! Walt with ToyVault joined TF to allay any fears that it has been canceled.

TWoP has put up the recap of The Hidden Memory.

And if anyone has been concerned regarding lizamanynames' absence the last couple months, she's alive. Exhausted from overwork, but alive. *gives her a big squishy hug*
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