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Vid: Screaming Daisies

Title: Screaming Daisies
Spoiler: Not really since things are out of context, but clips from season 4 are present.
Music: Greedy Fly by Bush
Characters/Pairings: Chiana/Aeryn, Jool, Noranti, Hubero, Varla, Taleeka
Links: My Site | MediaFire

Note: Sex, Chiana, & the ladies she’s loved. Aeryn is a possessive lover. Femslash. AU.

Started on a whim a few months ago. This is actually more of a 'vidlet' since it's not the entire song. Unfortunately there just wasn't enough material to do this in it's entirety. But thankfully it is actually a bit longer than I actually thought I'd end up with.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Remember, feedback is love.

*** If anyone is interested, I was able to upload my last video to my website finally.
Tags: farscape, femslash, slashvid, vids
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