Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

The Gift & The Others

The Gift -
I can never really put my finger on why I love this movie so much other than the great characters and the fact I just love a good mystery that actually surprises me with the ending. The latter doesn't happen very often since I've been rather good at figuring things out way before the big reveal. As a kid, my family would do fun wagers on who would be right and I'd come out on top 99% of the time. Anyway, I think this movie marked my first Cate Blanchett movie, but I had originally tuned into it for Hilary Swank since I'd fallen in love with her with Boys Don't Cry.

But one of my favorite characters in the movie is Buddy Cole. Giovanni Ribisi fucking blew. me. away. with his performance from the get-go. I remember seeing the movie for the first time and thinking 'wasn't he the dorky little boy on My Two Dads?' Damn he's come a long way, but I really shouldn't have been that surprised since I then remembered that one of my favorite X-Files episodes also had him in it and it was his performance that makes it a favorite.

The Others -
Now I know why when I first saw Nine in Dr. Who, Christopher Eccleston looked so damn familiar to me. This is just a good creepy movie, but one that hasn't really stood up to re-watching with me. I guess I just find the kids in it rather annoying now. At least the little boy. The girl I sort of still like because of the way she stands up to her mom, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to knock some sense into her. *g*

When I had first seen this movie it was in the theater with ex-SIL (before she was an Ex) along with M and H and we loved the hell out of it. Unfortunately the kids suffered a nasty mishap during the viewing. We (SIL and I) accidentally knocked them into the floor during the big reveal towards the end. We didn't mean to. We just sort of jumped and the next thing we know we're hearing 'mommy!auntshanny!' and the kids are pulling themselves off of the floor. I guess I shouldn't feel too badly that we'd been 'gotten' since we heard some woman laughing at her SO for getting scared and this guy was built like a freakin' bulldozer. LOL
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