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5 Things, the first. Seasons In The Sun

Author's Note:
Next time I ask for prompts... shoot me. These bastards are hard! Beta approved by Sarahjane, all other mistakes are my own.
All four seasons.
Not mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.

For redstarrobot:

Five Times Stark and Aeryn Totally Knew They Were Meant To Be

1. On Valldon. He sat across from her, silently, as she drank away the grief that was too much for even him to chariot away. He knew that grief intimately. It surrounded him on a daily basis. But Zhaan’s last words, spoken silently, gave him something to hold onto in this life. Kept him from floundering as Aeryn Sun now found herself doing.

2. In the top-most spire of the realm. She lay across the elaborately decorated sheets of the bed, brushing aside strands of dark hair that changed to flaxen whenever someone new ventured through their world.

3. Outside the bar on Jeras Three. Their eyes locked for less than a microt as they stood on either side of the street, dark circles and sadness etched in every curve and line on their faces, their bodies. Nodding once in acknowledgement, they knew that their paths were meant to cross again and again no matter the circumstances, and continued walking on toward destinies unknown.

4. In the cell on Scorpius’ gammack base. “That is the radiant Aeryn Sun.” No truer words were ever spoken.

5. When her body lay atop the frozen surface of the planet, ice already gleamed in the dark tendrils of hair as Crichton fought the two Luxans and remaining Peacekeeper trying to reach her. Her spirit was already becoming a whisper after being under the watery surface for so long, but he was still able to reach her, see the trueness of her heart, falling even more in love with her strength as he guided her on to her next destination.
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