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You're from the south, aren't you?

I swear if I hear that one more time this week I'm going to really lay on my thickest southern accent (cause I can go from downhome redneck to southern belle) and answer:
No, I'm from New York.

Yoda was a good little mascot today at the Univ. of Washington, but the poor boy ended up getting wore out from all the walking. Before we'd finished toting our cart full of pizza to all of the labs in the building he would climb up on my bag and lay down on it and try to sleep while avenuepotter talked about cloning equipment she sells.

Afraid of getting him sick from overdoing it, we decided to call it a day when it got to the point where he wanted to be carried instead of walking on his own.

Went to Trader Joe's for the for the first time. Got lectured to by some stranger because I wanted frelling salt on my sunflower seeds. Told us about how her mother had to cut out salt because of a heart attack. Uh...who are you? Go away. I told her that I'd rather be dead than be able to enjoy things and picked up a huge fucking bag of salted sunflower seeds and put it in the cart. AOM told me to chill since it's just a West Coast thing. Still... none of the lady's business.

Called mom since grandma's funeral was yesterday, she's doing fine and heading home tomorrow. I'm going to call her on mother's day naturally.

AOM and her boyfriend are taking me to the Science Fiction museum tomorrow as well as
Spiderman 3
at the IMAX theater. Squeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

I've made a batch of "Kaz-rigged" White Russians. Milk, Vodka, Tequila, Ice, chocolate syrup, and Irish Cream all mixed in a blender. It's probably called something else...but oh well it's yummy and I'm copping a buzz.

My final note for the evening (unless I finish this fic)...Ben and Claudia are so freaking gorgeous in SG-1's
tonight. ;)
Tags: family, geek girl, sg-1, west coast newbie, yoda boy

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