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My life is a country song... a bad one.

It's taken me most of the day to write this out since I end up weeping like a little bitch if I think about it.

What in the fuck is up with my life and family? My brother called this morning and said that he was on the way to the hospital because our dad is in surgery. Last night (about 2am) a neighbor got hold of T and told him that the cops had dad's place surrounded. He rushed next door and dad was lying in a pool of blood.

*cue total freak out on my part*

Dad was drunk and fell on a picture and the shattered glass severed the main artery on the back of his arm. The cops thought he'd tried to commit suicide because my dad has several knives and there was one with blood on it sticking in the floor. T asked them why would, and how, would he try to kill himself and then try to call 911, that's when they found the shattered picture in the bedroom. Dad had tried several times to call T when it happened but no one heard the phone, that's when he called 911. He'd lost about four pints of blood by the time EMTs arrived.

Dad had been saying that he was going to try and quit drinking, but T and a neighbor found half a gallon of whiskey as well as the remains of a 12 pack. They poured it all down the sink.

When dad was on the gurney, one cop asked why were there so many knives sticking out of the walls and he told him... and this just perfectly sums up dad... "You never met an Ozark hillbilly before?" Then he lost consciousness again.

One good thing that came from this, dad realized he can't do it alone and we (me and T) can't take it anymore. He agreed that once he's out of the hospital for this, he's going to go into a treatment facility for help.

This really fucked me up when I was on the phone.

When I decided to come here, I'd already come to terms in my head that I'll probably never see my dad alive ever again but this seriously fucked with me. I mean it was christmas day all over again and mom telling me Catina was dead.

I've talked to him on the phone since the surgery and he's doing as well as can be expected.

Grandma is still alive and kicking. Mom says that she's calling out to grandpa, her parents, and dead children though. So it's still just a matter of time.

Minnie had her puppies (two) but one of them died already. We were expecting that though since it looked like she'd miscarried a few days ago. But mama and surviving pup are doing fine.

Because of some other drama going on at home, I didn't get my stuff to the UPS store like I'd wanted and I had to leave it in my bedroom so T and A could take it over to mom's until I could arrange for UPS to pick it up.

But get this...

Ex-bossman's stupid fucking son-in-law and daughter put my things out on the carport. This includes my computer. Cock sucking sons a bitches. I hope their fucking RV flips and rolls on top of them.

I'll finish my trip post later on.
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